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quote:Originally posted by jimibt

Just had a look at the default 'attach' method in the site generator and have found that it can encounter a small error when connecting and actually 'approximate' the database that it's trying to attach. anyway, best way to go about this is to go into SQLServer management studio express and attach the database from there. when it's attached, rename the attachment to a 'single' entity name (i.e. you may see it attached as c:\temp\data\mydatabase.mdf, so just rename this to anything you like, i.e. mydatabase). then open the site generator and in the DB Path/Name name box, type mydatabase (or whatever the name was that you decided upon in sqlmgt express) and check the integrated security box. now follow the steps as you had before and 'hopefully' you'll see the correct tables being shown.

i'll look into getting this error resolved as it looks like a pretty simple try/catch block that's gone awry in the attach code.

thanks for bringing it (unwittingly), to my attention.


Thanks, that did the trick. I just used one Provider I called "Posts" and I associated it with the tbh_Posts table. Could you please go into more detail of what these providers are? I'll have to set some time aside to take a look at the generated files, its been a long time since I played around with TBH, I forgot everything already.

I like the beerhouse architecture, but I've received comments from others that it has too much layering. Whatever that really means is questionable. But have you used something like NHibernate? I just installed it, haven't done much with it yet, If you (or anyone else) used it before, how would you compare it to TBH architecture, is it easier/quicker to use and manage?


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