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glad that helped. the 'providers' are basically just a 'posh' word for the different 'buckets' that the various entities go into. for example, if you look at a standard tbh BLL folder, you'll see that there are sub folders named:

articles, forums, newsletters etc, etc, etc...

also, in the DAL, you'll see files with names like forumsprovider.cs etc..

basically, when you create a provider name, that is where all the code associated with that table (or tables) is stored (ie articles forums etc).

hope this helps. as fot NHibernate, i haven't looked at it in any great detail as i've 'adopted' tbh as my core architecture for now. not sure if i agree about there being too much layering as you soon begin to understnad the reasons for the separation, the more you use it in anger.

glad you've got it going. I'd suggest that when 'playing' with the site generator, you do as you did (i.e. created a Posts provider and pointed it to the tbh_posts table, as well as perhaps adding another provider (articles for example), so that you'll see how it builds up the structure.

good luck!!