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The generator is nice. Are you planning to add support for parent-child relationships through PKs/FKs ? I am referring to an example such as the relationship between Categories and Articles - Marco has a set of these procedures in the SqlArticlesProvider.cs such as:

 /// Retrieves all articles for the specified category
      public override List<ArticleDetails> GetArticles(int categoryID, int pageIndex, int pageSize)

That would be really nice...

As far as NHibernate, I've just finished doing a very basic data retrieval. I can't say I fully understand just yet how easy it would be to maintain, or tie the database to ObjectDataSources, etc.
The ODS tie-ups is what underlines the beauty of TBH for me...

Hibernate looks nice too however, it reminds me of the RogueWave DBTools.h libraries.. If you ever do find the time to explore NHibernate further, please post here how you think it compares with TBH's custom entity approach. I'd be really curious to hear the opinion on this ORM from someone like you, who has been working with automating the generation of custom entity code.

There are also other generators I've looked at such as NetTiers, but they produce way too much code, and I like the simple approach of TBH.
So now, its a toss-up between NHibernate and TBH architecture :)


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