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Yes, and yes again. the ongoing 'development plan' for the site generator is to be able to take any table (or set of tables) and based on PK&FK's, generate the parent child collections (LIST <T>). Also, what isn't there at the moment is the 'holy grail' of ORm's, composite PK's. THis should in theory be quite easy but it's actually quite tricky to get watertight in practice. As i've mentioned before, the primary development of the site generator isn't actually by me, it's by the guy 'Lee' who runs flixon. I've merely added pedestrian functionality and re-worked the ergonomics of the application. i'll quiz him to see how the support for FK collections is going, as well as a few other 'nice' things that are in the pipeline.

for the timebeing, i've put up a copy of a revised set of templates that i use that includes (among other things) the use of a generic paged dataset stored procedure. this is actually very very powerful and i'd urge you to take a look at it's 'elegance' :).

let me know how you get on with it (if you've got the time). you can grab the zip here:

once downloaded, rename your existing C:\Program Files\Flixon\Site Generator\Templates to C:\Program Files\Flixon\Site Generator\Templates(default) [or something like that], then extract the zip file into C:\Program Files\Flixon\Site Generator\. next, add both the stored procedues (genericPagingCountSQL.txt and genericPagingCount.txt) to your tbh database and then fire off the site generator against a couple of test providers.

next, sit back and be amazed :) - enjoy....