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Default Crystal 10 Viewer ASP.Net reprompts for parameters


  Sorry, but I can't seem to get any help with this on the Crystal Decisions web site, so I'm hoping someone here can help.

  I have an ASP.Net Page created using Visual Studio.Net 2003 which gathers values for parameters for a Crystal Report, stores them in the web session, and then does a redirect to a page that has on it two objects only: a Crystal Report object (not an embedded report, but an object pointing to an external stored report) and a Crystal Viewer version 10 control.

  On the page with the CRViewer, I'm setting the parameter values for the report in the Page Init subroutine as opposed to the Page Load, and the report runs well, with one exception. Sometimes when users simply 'go to' specific pages (using the viewer controls), or even just page forward and back, they are reprompted for parameters. Also, I'm using the activex printer control, so when users hit the viewer control's print button, it brings up the standard printer dialogue and lets them choose the printer. When they print the entire report, everything works well, However, occasionally when they choose to print one or two pages in the middle of the report, they are repropmted for the report's parameters.

  There's a whole discussion about page persistence in the Crystal Reports 10 'Additional' SDK, but it's WAAAYY over my head. Is that what I'm missing here? All I want to do is stop the viewer from reprompting for values and have it just display or print the correct information for that page! What do I have to code in order to get this to work correctly, and why should I have to code anything at all? How dumb is it that the viewer is so flawed that it won't really work the way it's supposed to?

  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Karen Grube

Karen L Grube
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