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It's a matter of taste... I prefer YAF than vBulletin!
YAF is incredible faster! You have various themes to change your design and it's easy to personalize more stuff if you want!
But... this is just my opinion!
The way I see it is that if I have to spend time developing the stuff myself, and then calculate back the amount of time, my guess is I could just as well start working in a Chinese Sweatshop (for those not familiar, this hints at places (mostly run in China) where people do boring stuff for minimum wage all day).
I understand your point!But for me is different! I don't use TBH for my necessity! I use TBH because i want to improve my knowledge!
WebDevelopment it's not my area... I'm a civil Engineer!
So... as I intended to have a megaPortal, with a forum, I decided to make my own!

But I understand you! You just want a forum were people talk, nothing more and you don't want to take much time to implement it!

BTW... If you don't mind to put down some hundred bucks, you can give some of them and I give a 100% personalized forum in 2 total integrated with TBH!

:) I'm joking