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One thing...

If the content forum is good, people came into forum, register and if they have any doubt they will post their comments!
This don't depend so much from the forum design...
If it's good content, people came over and over again to read/reply new content...

Newsletters it's very important!
If the administrator send a newsletter withe the 5 most viewd topics/articles etc the members will return!

But the design is very important, I hate TBH design!

The first think that i had made was delete all css files! And make a new one without start from wrong!
My forum has a design identical to phpbb/yafnet/etc

Polls for post it's necessary!
Think about users from the kerrerab site, that dream to post a post with their photoCars and open one thread:

Which car do you prefer? A, B, C or D...

I think polls it's crucial!
As PM, NewMessages, Statics.

Users like to return to the forum and see with different images wich are the new posts and old posts... I never saw any forum that doesn't have that! (only ThePhile and TBH)