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quote:Originally posted by Maxxim
One more thing:
Try to insert on your post message this:
interesting link - and here was me thinking that i was the ONLY one on the bottle :).

seriuosly tho' the avatar thing (imho) should be sorted with a 'standard' image size (server side image manipulation if required), so that you can worry less about css absolutes etc. however, on the flipside of this, wouldn't it be nice if the css accomodated any size of image, thereby rendering this discussion futile !!

as i said previously, 'we' need to get a few good 'css' enthusiasts onboard in a similar fashion to zengarden. after all, the template.master and css files follow a rigid pattern (in the basic tbh download), so it SHOULD be easy to allow designers to work with these predefined 'sticky' definitions to their hearts content.

anyway - just a few thoughts on a rainy sw scotland evening!!