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I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Javascript. It's certainly useful, but I missed the link misformatting info you just provided, so I definitely will implement that! Thanks heaps for that!

My reason for eventually picking my solution is that this way I programattically can reuse the same control, and using it for different purposes at different spots. Your code certainly would work for that as wel, but it'd be in the markup of the page (which I tend to try and stay away from if I can help it).

As for hosted images, I tend not to like those too much. The simple reasoning for that is that if the image dissappears on the original "host", it'll be gone from the profile as well. The site(s) my users use now uses the same principal, and while I certainly do not intend to start hosting every possible image they can chuck at me, with small profile pictures, it really shuld not be a major issue.

I've been trying to come up with a decent way to actually control hosting the pictures though, without requiring me to sell a kidney in order to pay for hosting space and bandwith for them. The most obvious choice would be to just create Google-groups, and keep creating new ones as the existing ones fill up, but perhaps others have better ideas? (Flickr maybe?).

Thanks again, Maxxim. I will definitely give your code a try.