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I almost did the polls stuff!

The hard thing is UI like you said!

For example, i have some people complains with: "All forums polls have a limit of pollOptions!
So my polls will be "infinite"

I started to make a gridview, and everytime a user wants to add a pollCoice he add a item GridItem!

But this force a new postback everytime a user wants to adda a new PollOption!

At the end, when user click in "submit Poll" my codebehind" read all gridview item and save it to bd!

When a user want to read a topic there are two options:
If post.pollID = 0 there are no poll
If post.pollID = > 0 there are one poll so... retrieve this poll from forum!

This is very easy!

My problem is UI!

If you have some ideas please tell me!

Maybe some javascript code for adding a new input box for new pollChoices and at the end read all this imputs and add Poll to BD!

It's possible to do this in Javascript?
I just don't want to make postbacks for each pollChoice!