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I'd say the user will have to get used to not having an infinite number of choices. And if it's postbacks you want to avoid, you can always try precreating the maximum amount of options (say 10). Any poll with more than 10 options is not a proper poll anymore, since the ability to substract useful data from it is small.

Think about it, whenever you have partaken in a survey, when have you seen polls with more than 10 options? If the user *really* thinks he needs more options, he can always create the 9 most useful options, call number 10 "Other... (please explain below)".

You can always just hard-code ten options, and upon the user hitting submit, you just loop through the textboxes to see which ones have been filled, and only pump the required fields to the database.

It might be an ugly solution, but I really think giving a user an n amount of options is a bad idea.