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Hello Peter, I don't agree!

I think it's not bad if a user can have the possibility to add more than 10 pollChoices...
I am the administrator, and If i see there are a silly pool I simply delete it!

I'll give you an example:
My site it's about dogs! If I(or other user) wants to add a Poll about: "Which DogFood do you give to your PET?"
Here in Portugal, there are more than 10 good possibilities!
If I use 9 + "others" i'll be unjust!

I want to make some photo dogs competition... And i don't want to limit the number of participation!

Perhaps noboby places more than 10 choices but I don't want to make a limit = 10 and cut my legs with it!

But suppose that with want add "infinites" textBox to your aspx... How do you do it without postback?