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quick tip (this may have been covered before but it bugged me for a few hours). to get the breadcrumbs to 'follow' from forum to threads, you have to do 2 things:

1. amend the web.sitemap as follows:

      <siteMapNode title="$Resources: SiteMap, Forum" url="~/ShowForums.aspx">
        <siteMapNode title="$Resources: SiteMap, Browse_Threads" url="~/BrowseThreads.aspx" />
        <siteMapNode title="$Resources: SiteMap, Thread" url="~/ShowThread.aspx" />

2. open the App_GlobalResources\SiteMap.resx and add a new entry:

name: Browse_Threads
Value: Browse Threads

thats it - rebake and your breadcrumbs should now be complete!! :)

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