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I understand!

Yes, I could create another cookie to preserve anonymous but i'm thinking and it's better getting a clean cookie!

I'm building a webforum and I want to save all topics views by user.
For example, when I open this thread, I will save on db that ME(with my username) saw this topic at this hour.
(But When I enter First time I delete all the records where my Username and my SessionID match)

Then, when I select threads list, i need to send my username too with this request! And the database will see for each thread the last time that I saw the current thread. With this I can retrieve another column if the thread is new or not... (Just for threads with lastPostdate > myUserLastVisit)

I want that can work for anonymous too... BUT if I preserve anonymousID I have this scenario:
Open the forum as guest I see the new threads.
Login to my username and see the new threads
Navigate to some threads... And pass the value IsNew to IsRead...
Then, when I migrate to anonymous Ill see the threads that I already saw as "IsNew"

If I made a clean anonymousID I prevent this!

I need only be concerned about clearing my Forums_Members Table & my Forums_MbrViews table because I'll generate more rows with the anonymous!

Thanks one more time Imar!