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I create that too! Not in cookie but in session!

For all threadsList and SubForums and Forums I need to know if lastPostDate is earlier or not than lastVisit!

But after that I need to know if the current user already saw this thread... Or if a forum has any thread that the user hasn't already visit...

For that I must save (I choose save on DB) everytime one user saw a thread, his lastVisit (bysessionVar) and his sessionID and of course something who identify him (Username or AnonymousID)

Only lastvisit Cookie or session will only display new posts since lastvisit!
No matter if the user already see them or not they will be always new posts!

I wondered if was more useful save the Posts sawed in one hashtable on session but... I decided to use DB because with that I do all the routines in DB and only retrieve (isNew = true or false...)

(I never imagined that I have so much work to do and so many things to think for this! but I almost finish... :) )

I'm building a webforum like this but with more options like private messages, poll's, avatars, statistics, subforums, etc...