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First I will answer about the webhosts. Personally I use: which is part of: Their hosting is extremely reliable and the Techs are spot on and responsive when I need changes made to the Server/Database. In any event, no 2 web hosts are the same but all Windows hosts will be running IIS on a Server platform which doesn't limit the max connected users to 10. (By default IIS 6 is set to allow 100,000 connections) You will have to ask the webhost speicfically about any such limitations or restrictions.

Now your question about C# vs VB.NET. This is something that, if you look, is fought about the world over on forums everywhere and, by and large, it is the people in the C# camp that take every oppurtunity to bash the VB camp. (Though VB programmers do give it as good as they take it)

Plainly put there is nothing that you can do in C# that you can't do in VB.NET and vice versa the languages are, for all intents and purposes of this post, the same.

Unfortunately, alot of people in the industry will look at a resume and think:
C# == C++
VB.NET = VB 6.0

so, with that said, it is far and away easier to find a job as a C# developer then as a VB.NET developer. (This may depend on your locale though but, for my locale, VB.NET developers are in extremely low demand) I would go with what you are comfortable with, if you are coming from a VB background your learning curve with .NET is going to be alot lower if you use VB.NET instead of C# and vice versa with C++ developers.


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