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Thank you so much for responding. I have never worked in Access before so don't know if i am totally off base. I am taking over previous developers code.

This is a web app to generate reports using an Access 2003 back end/vb6.

What triggers the runtime error is when I go to generate the report. Get runtime error '3044' which states : 'D:\CPF\.....'
is not a valid path.

The report is running on my C drive with the Access DB living on my C drive.

I searched the code for 'D:\' to see if the previous developer had hard coded (for some reason) the DB to the D drive. Search for that D: reference in the code came back empty.

So my question is, in Access how is the DB path determined if that path is not in the code?

Do I need to address something in OBDC/DSN
Or in the registry?
Somehow the previous developer told the app to look for the DB on the D:\ drive. I can not figure out where he did this.

This is a show stopper in that I have built the front and middle tier but really need the hook up to the DB but Access is telling me it can not find the DB on the path of 'D:\...' This is a error happens everytime I try to generate the report, thus engaging the Access DB.

How does Access decide where to look for a linked DB? It is not in the vb6 code.

Thanks for ANY assistance in the client is getting antsy