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If you want a book which looks at many features of AJAX and considers things from a general web-coding point of view then "Profession AJAX, 2e" is very good. It can be read and used by someone using any server-side technology. There are 3 versions of the example source code: PHP, ASP.NET and (I think) JSP.

Alternatively, if you want a book which is very specific to Microsoft AJAX - you can get "ASP.NET AJAX in Action" by Gallo, Barkol + Vavilala, published by Manning; which is by far the best book for Microsoft only version of AJAX. The Microsoft AJAX framework is quite peculiar; so much of the stuff in the Gallo et al book is not applicable to anything apart from ASP.NET; but if you wanted to write server controls using Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX it would be indispensible!

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