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quote:Originally posted by jimibt

i don't know thr nhibernate method. could you describe how it works (i.e. at what level and how it persists the data etc). could be a case that for certain 'jobs' one may be better than the other.

drop a brief comparison if possible and we can take it from there.



NHibernate is .NET port of Java's Hibernate, a popular open-source persistence framework, an ORM, that takes away the necessity to write 90% of the SQL queries, by mapping objects to the databate, and giving the developer a natural object oriented approach to data access.

I've always felt that the custom entity approach (i.e. beerhouse framework) is the way to go, but the ability to get away from writing sql queries is tempting.. So I am wondering how much sense it makes to couple nhibernate with the objectdatasources that the beerhouse uses, and have nhibernate return the data to the ojectdatasources. Since nhibernate provides its own data caching, it leaves me someone confused whether too much redundancy would be introduced as the beerhouse does caching too. I've also heard about Microsoft's LINQ with Entities, maybe thats the way to go instead?