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quote:I've always felt that the custom entity approach (i.e. beerhouse framework) is the way to go, but the ability to get away from writing sql queries is tempting.
I agree with hand-designed classes and SQL being the best. I really dislike auto-generated SQL in most cases. But I might live with it if I could tune the maps to ensure that the SQL is both accurate and efficient. But in all honesty, that would take more work than just writing it myself.

quote:So I am wondering how much sense it makes to couple nhibernate with the objectdatasources that the beerhouse uses, and have nhibernate return the data to the ojectdatasources.
I would probably not use ObjectDataSources in a general sense with a tool like that. Passing around object collections is the norm there.

quote:Since nhibernate provides its own data caching, it leaves me someone confused whether too much redundancy would be introduced as the beerhouse does caching too.
Right - you can't combine them. If you want to use nhibernate you have to rip out the current DAL/BLL architecture.

quote:I've also heard about Microsoft's LINQ with Entities, maybe thats the way to go instead?
Oh yeah! That's extremely cool, but it's not ready yet. It will probably take at least 6 more months to finish. A word to the wise (or the wise wannabes), look at the Entity Framework side of that more than the LINQ side. LINQ itself is somewhat trivial in nature and kind-of boils down to syntax. But the Entity Framework is a real work of art.