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As a side note, if you really want to be indexed well by google do the following:

For all your articles, set Page.Title to include the article's title (which is explained above). Google hates pages that look similar to other pages. So, as a corollary, Google tries not to index pages who's location looks like duplicates, i.e.: "...showarticle.aspx?ID=xxx" because not only do all of these pages look similar, but:

1) the crawler dislikes crawling database driven pages like this, since there can be millions that it has to crawl
2) google tends to avoid crawling pages that specifically use "ID=" in the query string, which is frequently used on the net to show a database driven page (like TBH articles).

So, I would also recommend using url rewriting. Here's a tutorial for it here:
I've implemented it on my site, and the number of my pages crawled by Google afterwards tripled in a couple of weeks. Simply making it look like "...showarticle1482.aspx" instead, will spark this improvement.