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Jimi and Eric,

quote:Originally posted by jimibt

found a pretty good example using the northwind db as the database and am taking a look thro' it. here's a link to the article, plus source files generated by nhibernate for northwind:


Here's another good simple tutorial that I followed:

Yeah, I think Eric summed it up - I don't see the two being compatible.. I've also come across something else regarding ODS and nhibernate:

Although I haven't looked at this in any depth at all, I think this one probably doesn't fit well into the decoupling of the layers at all, the authors state this in the beginning. But they also provide a link to this for those who are concerned with the layers:

even though the author starts to make a case for using this orm as compared to a DAL, he still doesn't provide concrete reasons why its easier than maintaining a DAL...

... so ... i guess the best thing is just to work with both methods in more detail and decide which one is preferable. :)