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quote:Originally posted by rocco50

even though the author starts to make a case for using this orm as compared to a DAL, he still doesn't provide concrete reasons why its easier than maintaining a DAL...

... so ... i guess the best thing is just to work with both methods in more detail and decide which one is preferable. :)


i took a look thro' and prolly my familiarity with TBH got in the way. at the end of the day, i found that i wasn't overly keen on the concepts i was seeing (i know that it's only thro' use that we become comfortable with things but nH to me looked a bit at odds with how i do most other stuff in c#, whe5her that be of winforms).

so, i can't really give any real comparison other than to state that my preference for the TBH is compounded by the fact that it is a very transpararent 'standards compliant' architecture whereas i do feel that the nH one really needs to be taken and studied in full and possibly could in some way fit but i for one will await the efforts of others on this front.