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Not to offend,
The code you wrote on is actually from one of the books purchased
from this web site. In taking your advice, that would mean the writer didn't know what she was talking about. If this is true then I need to be concerned with any book purchased here. I do know that, there are errors in the code we are discussing. I really don't like spending cash on a book that misleads you. The code they present, at least, should work.
 The ADO connection code is cut and paste and I'm not looking for proper indent at this time. And, the comment is left over from a tutorial.
I've seen a lot of programmers code on the same subjects with their own way of doing there code. I'm sure its all good. The point is the results and does it work. I can clean up the rest if the instructions work. (I know that there is cleaner and sloppy code)
The "If Rst.State = 1 Then Rst.Close" statement is just in case the connection has accidentally been left open somewhere. It has solved a few problems before but maybe there is a better way. Thanks for you input and I will give your answer a try. Hopefully It will work and I can learn from it. Thanks again

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