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quote:Originally posted by forumuser
 cool. here's me on acoustic [after a bottle of wine]....

back on topic. this architecture doesn't seem too intuitive to me, even for such a simple situation as the one i outlined earlier. perhaps i should stick with my current method of datasets. we'll see...

like any new 'platform/architecture' TBH does need a little bit of stripping down to see how it all works. i'd advise you to perhaps run flixon over just a single table (tbh_posts for example) and save the result to a new folder. then just browse thro' the resulting files and get a 'map' in your head of how it all hangs together. the key here really is the scalability that you get 'for free' by adhering to the framework. i would admit that to code a new project by hand would be very long winded, but i think even microsoft recognise that some sort of ORM tool is necessary to both keep standards compliant as well as keeping errors out of the code domain. we really should be concentrating our efforts on the BLL (i.e. adding additional functionality here) and the UI layer.

if you want, you can send me a cut down version of the database (with departments/employees etc) and i'll put together a few quick 'n' dirty examples as per your previous request (i.e. to show department name, rather than it's ID). there is a variety of ways to do this, and it's just a matter of looking at each as is 'fit for purpose'.

ok, hope this helps.

btw - only sounded like half a bottle of wine to me - good playing ;). you should check out an old friend of mine's website for nice acoustic stuff: