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forumuser - yes, that's an option. however, you'd then have entity mapping issues to resolve. if you have all the required parent/child objects to hand, then you should be able to manipulate those in memory to present the data as per the little example. i can see exactly where you're coming from but again see this as a backward 'comfort-zone' approach to solving a problem, rather than looking at the expanded vocabulary that the toolset now presents you with.

of course, until you are au fait with what's possible, then it'll always be easier to deliver based on a hybrid approach. however, in later stages i can assure you that you'll WANT to go back and change those sections to fit with your standards.

i come from a vb/c++/c# background and never touched classic asp or vbscript. as such, i'm always happier playing with object structures, so your mileage may vary from mine. suffice to say, i can 'see' the solutions to many of the issues that need to be tackled inside the objects and just really need to get down to doing the donkey work a lot of the time :).

any questions, just post them here.