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well of course, you hit the nail on the head with the 'comfort zone' thing! i thought that perhaps doing some logic at the database would remove the need to deal with things out in the bll or elsewhere. but i agree, i need to stick with it. i'm feeling a little out of my depth here but am keen to continue.
one thing which appeals about tbh architecture is that there is no 'black box' to believe in, no required dlls which [claim to] do the nuts and bolts stuff, unlike a lot of others i have investigated. and i agree with an earlier remark of yours, it does look to be an elegant structure with a small footprint.
i'll need to re-work the templates as i do all data access via stored procedures but that apart, i think tbh does look like a good contender.
thanks for all your help this far. that's a beer [or 2] i owe you.