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forumuser - yes, if you had elected to use views, then you'd have to query it on the database everytime as you wouldn't know if any/all tables had changed in the interim. using the object structure, you could in theory return the main object along with a child collection from the cache and query the database for a second child collection. that way every little bit of dependant data is totally up to date and only taken from the database when an amendment is made to that table.

i'll have to be honest, i haven't read the book and have instead developed a few in-house and external apps which have been the biggest learning tool. i have refenced the book when a concept wasn't totally clear (or if i didn't find an answer on here) and a combination of all of the above (plus TIME) has given me the knowledge and confidence in this framework. i think you'll do just fine, espcially as you tackle tougher calls and find that the solution is actually already there (trust me, this will happen).

as for the beers - london pride or speckled hen please!! ;)