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Starting with Outlook 2003 SP3 I believe it was and continuing with Outlook 2007 no code will run from an unpublished form. No code also runs from one-offed forms. You also can no longer just double-click to open an OFT file and expect the code to run either.

There's no way around that. Each user must have the form published in their Personal Forms Library or the form must be published in the Organizational Forms Library if your organization has one of those on the Exchange server.

To open an OFT file (that's the format that has to be used) you must select Tools, Forms, Design a Form, select User Templates in the File System, open the OFT file and publish it. Or something like a COM addin or script can publish the form using code instead of having the user do that. That's what I usually do, write code in a COM addin to publish any required OFT files. has a good write-up of the security on unpublished forms and how to publish a form from either the UI or by using code.

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