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forumuser - i've uploaded another version of the tbh_posts thing that i did the other day with a minor addition. there is code in the default.aspx.cs page_init that sets up a few filters. this uses some custom sql objects but if you read the comments, you'll see how you could use it with your own 'where' clause. these objects are already embeded in that new template stuff that i uploaded the other day, so you should 'see' them in your own code if you used the new template/dll.

[edit] just saw your previous question re providers etc. no, just include it the once and then reference it in the form 'JB.OriginalTalent.BLL.Posts.Forum' (in this case, Posts is my provider). as long as the data can be accessed via a provider (of your discression), then a single point of 'contact' is fine.