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i think perhaps we are at cross-purposes here. when i talk about 'filtered' Employees, i'm really talking about a subset of Employees from the Employees table who are, for example, teamleaders, or perhaps first-aiders [these are indicated by flags in the table] etc.
when i get these filtered lists, i want to populate a dropdown list with the list, using only 3 fields: firstname and lastname concatenated, and id. it seems crazy [to my untutored mind] to create an 'Employees' object containing all users [maybe 10000] from the table with all fields [15] when all i want is a subset, sometimes only perhaps 10 of them, and only 2 fields, with no sorting or paging required. would it not make more sense to create a 'TeamLeader' object or a 'FirstAider' object, [with 2 properties/fields] and populate that? i always know in advance when i need these objects [for use in certain of the forms] and so there is no need to parameterise anything here.

there are other powerful search screens [up to 10 optional fields] which search various tables but that is another issue.