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How to configure sql server express stored procedures to execute xp_cmd shell.

want to use xp_cmdshell to save the result of a sqlserver expresss query to a text file.

Can any one help me out in this aspect.

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Anujahnavi S.

quote:Originally posted by Jeff Moden
 I just realized this is a 2k5 forum, not 2k... I don't know how to use SSIS...

BUT, I think 2k5 still has BCP and the equivelent to "xp_CmdShell" (although I'm pretty sure they call it something else). If you call BCP via a CmdShell call and use the QueryOut setting, you can even name the file you want to save to with a little dynamic SQL. See if you can find "BCP" in Books Online... make sure you read about all the different settings you can have. And, yes, it does have a couple of simple examples. It's a VERY powerful tool. The separator you're looking for is \t which means "tab".

--Jeff Moden
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