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Thanks for explaining your perspective on this, Ambrose. As I think of it now, all of the complicated code goes into building the controls, and then the controls are used by ASP.NET. So that should separate the added complexity from the other web pages, which will keep things maintainable. And it should also allow the program to be more cleanly upgraded when VS 2008 and Silverlight 1.1 become standard releases.

I guess I should also realize that Silverlight 1.1 and future upgrades will be integrated into Visual Studio, and a lightweight version of the CLR will become a plug-in. I would guess that will put the Silverlight controls on equal footing with ASP.NET server-side controls and it will become just a matter of dropping a Silverlight control onto the web page, sort of like how they are evolving AJAX. Therefore it won't increase complexity. The point of this book is for people like me who want to use it with VS2005 right now.

I picked up Microsoft's "Introducing Silverlight 1.0" yesterday in order to get the overlap between the 2 books. It's interesting that their section on ASP.NET is only 13 pages long. They use web services. Did you guys ever do that? I'd guess that their approach can't do what yours does, or else you preferred this control approach to their approach.

Anyway, at this point I need to start coding in order to get some feedback and a better understanding of this stuff. I'm sure some of my comments reflect that! BTW, hope you had good luck deer hunting last week.