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I know for shore, that the config file was filled with correct data, and the database was made from downloaded sql files correctly.

I done some debugging.
To start the mail client, I needed to escape the check mail line
in (line 68,$this->checkMail();), and because I found the JSON.php file wrong (the class Services_JSON is missing), I replaced it with file downloaded from the
Send mail option started to work but after sending the mail it stopped. I found some errors in the AjaxMail.js.

Line 104: = vInfo.parseJSON();
replaced with: = JSON.parse(vInfo);

Line 117: this.message = vMessage.parseJSON();
replaced with: this.message = JSON.parse(vMessage);

Line 625: var oResponse = sData.parseJSON();
replace with: var oResponse = JSON.parse(sData);

After replacing the JSON.php file and correcting those lines, the mail client sent the mail and didn't stop after it.

Still, the check mail action fails on $this->checkMail() line and stops the mail client totally. Somewhere in the pop3.class.php is the problem, but I didn't investigate it.

To see how the original files downloaded from Wrox works, follow the link:

Also, I downloaded the AjaxMail from , it's fails to work too. I found errors in this version too.

English is not my native language. I hope that this lines clearly represents the problem.