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Did you start the emulator? I didn't try version 6 of the emulator, but I was able to use version 5. I went into the emulator first and brought up a browser in there. Then I connected to my IIS on my main machine to test my web site.

I didn't try to use the internal web server in VS2005 but I guess that "might" work if you modify the URL you specify inside the emulator to account for the dynamic port number. But even that may not work because the built-in web server is not designed to be used from anything but localhost. The emulator appears as another computer. By hosting your site in IIS on your local computer that will make it visible to the emulator for sure. Of course, XP Home Edition can't be used for that.

This shouldn't need your internet connection. All your testing is local, right? It only needs to know how to get from the emulator to the main PC. On page 369 you can see that the author typed the IP address of his main PC from inside the emulator. All IP's that begin with 192.168 are local and not across the internet. To get the IP of your main PC, just open a command prompt and type "ipconfig".