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Thanks Peter,

Everything I know about distributed objects I learned from Rockford Lhotka. I'm pretty fascinated by his Component-based, Scalable Logical Architecture (CSLA). If you havn't bumped into it, definitely check it out:

Most of my recent posts have involved trying to implement CSLA with just the Express versions of VS (C# Express and VWD), SQL Server Express, and IIS 7 on Vista.

The CSLA Framework implements complete and awesome components that support remoting/serialization, remote and local data portal access, data-binding, role-based security, business rule validation, n-level undo for business objects, batch queing, testing, everything you need for distributed programming. The framework can also be referenced by either Web or Windows interfaces, or Web Services. All ya' gotta do is write your own business objects that inherit base business classes in the framework, and write stored procedures. And design an interface, of course. Source code is available for download.

I was a little nervous that the Express Editions wouldn't support all the functionality, but amazingly they do. Pretty cool free development tools. Good for MS.