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Hi ironchef,

does not look like your source code is wrong, but my guess is that there is no content file named "SpaceBackground" in the root directory (you can verify that by searching for a SpaceBackground.xnb file in the root directory of your output folder (probably \bin\Debug or \bin\x86\Debug).

If you have a content directory and have not redirected the root of the content loading directory (which would be a feature of XNA 2.0) the content manager will search in the application root directory, but not in the \Content directory, where your file might be located.

Alternatively if you have problems with content files you can also load the Textures directly via Texture2D.LoadFromFile(filename), then use a .dds file, which must obviously exist at the filename path too, but it is easier to check if this works than going though the content pipeline.

Hope this helps, if not please zip up your project and attach it here or email it to me ( so I can take a look.