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I can give you DAO code as follows:
Inside the button and/or code you use to say it's ok to add the new Product in form Products, call this procedure (this might replace code or punching wherever you are now initially adding a record to table Aliases):

Private Function fnAddAliasRecord ()
   Dim rs as DAO.recordset
   Dim ss as string

   ss = "Select * From Aliases"
   Set rs = CurrentDB.Openrecordset(ss, dbOpenDynaset)
   With rs
      ' Here you are referring to textboxes on your Products form
      ' AliasID will automatically be assigned by Autonumber
      !ProductID = Me!txtProductID
      !ProductAlias = Me!txtProductName
   End With
   Set rs = nothing
End Function

I hope this helps!

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