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The popup windows are just forms. When you show a form, you can tell it to be modal or not. To make it stay on top, there are parameters that you can set, though doing so requires using APIs, I believe.

Many, many programs have a complete set of images to cover all the various needs, and then present those in response to the situation. I had a program with a set of 6 folders that were going to be processed for files. The heirarchy was 3 sets of two-folders-deep. So I made 6 images. All were based on the same image of 3 vertical sets of 2 folders, all connected as in Explorer. But unlike explorer, the "tree" was horizontal. Then I used Paint to doctor the 6 images to highlight one of the folders, and the lines going to it. As processing progressed, I showed on image after the other. The apearance was of a dynamic set of connecting lines. But the only thing that was dynamic was showing one static picture after another.

Really, Microsoft's web site is very rich with info. Start with You can move around the contents to zero in on the functionality that you are trying to develop.

After reading this, if you have more specific issues you would like to address, please, feel free.
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