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Thanks Joe. I have an ASP.NET page that pops up a FormView control that I enclosed in a DragPanelExtender so that the user can drag it to a convenient place on the page. The problem is that the DragPanel jumps back to the original position specified in the CSS every time a user clicks the FormView control or clicks a select button on the GridView that is its data source.

My idea is to adjust the CSS left and top properties for the panel when the ondrop event fires a JavaScript. The JavaScript would set the top and left properties to the current location of the panel. (I'm hoping I can GET the current location!)

I'm surprised at how much work it is to make a simple thing like that happen. But I'm using VS 2005. Maybe it got easier in VS 2008. Maybe there is another easier way to popup a draggable non-modal panel, tied to a row in the GridView, that provides a way for a user to add some data. This should be something that everyone does. I just am not aware of the best practice for this. Do you know of a way?

I'll take a look at the web site you recommended. Thanks!