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Hmmm. Imar may disagree with me and there may be a good reason why he did this, but here is my take on it. IMHO the function that you provided in your post could be further seperated out since there is a coupling of Business Logic along with DataAccess in this function. What I might do is something like this:

Public Class fooBLL
Public Sub SaveResponses()
     Dim QuestionIDs As Collection = GetQuestionIDsForSurvey(mform.Request.QueryString( "surveyID"))
     If Not fooDAL.SaveResponses(QuestionIDs) Then 'DoSomething
End Sub
End Class

Public Class fooDAL
Public Shared Function SaveResponses(ByVal QuestionIDs As Collection) as Boolean
         For i As Integer = 0 To QuestionIDs.Count - 1

                'ensure the user selected one of the option buttons for this specific question ID
                If mform.Request.Form.Item("Q" & QuestionIDs(i + 1).ToString()) <> "" Then

                    'Create a command object
                    Dim mCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand("sprocResponseInsertItem", mConnection)

                    'set it to the type of 'stored procedure'
                    mCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

                    'add in two parameters: the question ID and the choice of the user (A,B,C,or D)
                    mCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@questionID", QuestionIDs(i + 1).ToString())
                    mCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@selection", mform.Request.Form.Item("Q" & QuestionIDs(i + 1).ToString()))

                    'open the connection and execute the stored procedure

                    'close the connection and dispose of the command

                End If

            Return True

End Function
End Class

The only thing that i did not demonstrate abouve that you would need to do is create an additional array to pass into your DAL method to replace this line:
If mform.Request.Form.Item("Q" & QuestionIDs(i + 1).ToString()) <> "" Then

Once that is complete, if you were to port this to a windows app you simply would have to change the mechanisim by which you return the QuestionIDs and pass them off for processing in the DAL.



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