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doug - so far so good (tho' haven't opened vs08 yet to try the concepts. as i mentioned above, it would be a great idea to supply the code that you've worked on to get a feel for the layout etc..)

will keep you posted, tho' am off on holiday for 3 weeks (from sunday), so might not be quite as quick to respond to the article as i'd usually be...

[edit] it would be useful also to perhaps see a little bit of linq that demonstrates the use of paged recordsets along the lines of the following (calssic sql):

string sqlQuery = "SELECT * FROM (" + string.Format("SELECT TOP {1} *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY {0}) AS RowNum
FROM FileUploads", sortExpression != "" ? sortExpression : "AddedBy ASC", upperBound) + ")
AS AllFileUploads WHERE RowNum BETWEEN @Start AND @End ORDER BY RowNum ASC";

just a thought for us lazy types :-)