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doug - i've both downloaded the code and looked thro the doc. i know that this example is just for articles but am i to assume that ALL code for all the linq stuff would go in the single TBH.dbml file?? from an organisational perspective (as well as the idea of doing discreet 'plug-ins'), this doesn't seem like a great idea. I'd imagined that there would be a folder under the DAL for each provider (i.e. Articles, Forums etc) that contained their own TBH.dbml file. maybe this is possible when extending the idea but for me, that was one of the things that struck me as being kinda 'un-organised' in the whole linq - sql example. please don't take this as a criticism of anything you've done as it could well be that the focus on just Articles is what is driving this decision, as well as the general way that linq operates (at the moment).

hope this makes sense and my point is valid without raising more questions than it answers :-).