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I do have a main member database behind this and I would like to write back some information back to this database.
I have a memberID field, last name, first name, vested status, vested start year, and other fields.

I am trying to break my task up into manageable parts and I’m thinking what I can do is this.

I will add another filter in database to only show 'NV' records (not vested)
have the user type in the current year (they would enter 2008 when its jan 2009)
load up query
look up vested start year from main database.
if there is a start year jump to that year for current memberID.
run from vested start year (or first year in data if blank) to current year (user typed in)
Count records in 2 categories (less than 40 and greater than 39)
also write the year of the first greater than 39 record to vested start year in the main database
if there are 4 records less than 40 then change vested status in main database to 'FT' (forfeit) and also change vested start year to current year+1
if years greater than 39 is 10 or more than change vested status to 'VP'

this would be the first part in what I need to do. I don't think i can do this with queries and will need VBA code. I have just used macro's and queries to get to where I am now so would need help if VBA is needed.
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