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quote:Originally posted by mmcdonal
 E.F. Codd would say that the table tblCustomers does not even meet 1NF since it lacks atmoicity.

FullName should be FirstName and LastName,

possibly Salutation, FirstName, MiddleNameorInitial, LastName, Suffix


Look it up at:
I don't know what Codd would say, but I disagree. If the full name is sufficient for the abstraction of what the application expects from a customer entity, then it is atomic. For example, would this be an atomic StreetAddress field:
"1234 Grand Ave."
Or would you have to break it into AddressNumber, AddressStreetName, and AddressStreetExtenstion?

In other words, it depends on the meaning of the data, and that cannot be determined by merely looking at the data in a field, but requires knowing the domain of the application.

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