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Default Multiple Button Effects

Hi all,

"Beginning Dreamweaver MX" is going really well. My web site is progressing rapidly. Quick question:

Can I attach a roll-over behavior and a pop-up menu behavior to the same navigation button?

I have a button in the navigation portion of my template to take the user to a page that lists a number of tutoring labs. The button's original image is "tutorlabs.gif" and the rollover image is "tutorlabsov.gif". The rollover works fine. I would also like a pop-up menu to display on the MouseOver event with links to four differnt tutoring labs: Math/Science, LSS, Accounting/CIS, and Writing.

When I select the "Tutoring Labs" button and try to set the pop-up menu behavior, the "Show Pop-up Menu" option is greyed-out in the behaviors pane.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time.