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As usual, your code is awesome! I am truly impressed with the LINQ example! However, I'm trying to pass multiple patterns to GetFiles().

searchPattern returns all file types which is stored in an array of FileInfo(). I then use two separate arrays to loop through everything then store the files with the desired extensions which becomes my DataSource.

I've modified my code to match your example, but I am at a complete loss inside the nested IF Statement. I cannot use .Add in there.

Dim basePath As String = Server.MapPath("~/UploadFolder/")
Dim searchPattern As String = "*.*"

Dim dirInfo As New DirectoryInfo(basePath)
Dim fileArray As FileInfo() = dirInfo.GetFiles(searchPattern)

Dim specificFile As FileInfo
Dim secondArray As FileInfo

     For Each specificFile In fileArray
          If specificFile.Extension = ".htm" Or specificFile.Extension = ".ppt" Then
          'collect files with desired extensions
          End If
     Next specificFile
dgArticleList.DataSource = secondArray