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Oh Goodie... :D

I just removed the following so it didn't work:

<style type="text/css">
    width: 100%;

But it worked by removing the class from the table tag:

<table <s>class="style1"</s> runat="server" id="FromTable">

At least I understand that the problem is when using embedded styles on a control file. But that's no problems because I can add the style to external css instead. I rather do that anyway.

It also clicked in why it doesn't recognize the external style sheet. There is no reference to the style sheet until the control is loaded in the aspx file, and the aspx file gets the theme (and css) from the master page. I'm a little slow at times, sorry.

Thanks for your help Imar. And thanks for making room for me to figure things out. I'm a happy camper now and have a better understanding.