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I would have to take issue with your intended target audience. I believe there is of the reader an assumed working knowledge of programming. I spent 3 weeks going through this book to hopefully learn how to develop an interactive database driven web page, so I could convert an Excel macro to a web based form. I am no closer to understanding how to do it now than I was before reading the book.

Though no fault of the author, there were aspects of the book, particularly with emailing, that I could never get to work (my provider was at fault). However, I still do not understand most of the "code words" like attribute, property, namespace, style, class, parent/child, page "life", etc., or the relational database thing ( which, unfortunately, I think is key to making my web page work the way I want it to), or why there are two pages of code for every web page (huh?). It just doesn't make any sense, and I am, frankly, lost. It doesn't help that there is no documentation with VWD to figure out how to accomplish a task. MS online help has historically been marginal at best, but the one for VWD is positively abhorrent.

There are several improvements that could be made to the book. First is to dumb it down and really explain in elementary detail the who, what, when, where, why, and how of every concept/"code word" one is supposed to know. Next, provide a glossary of all of the "code words" used in the book. By the time one is finished with the book, previous topics are long since forgotten. Finally, provide a list of all of the "code words" one can use along with their respective formats and a real world example of how to use each.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to duplicate something read in a book, or found in a google search, only to find it doesn't work and not having a clue why. That's been my situation since I started trying to learn ASP, or whatever this is.