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Just as I was about to give up and beg you for more help, I re-read your instructions and got it to work successfully!!

Problem solved.

Again, I am grateful and inspired by your expert code examples, and clear advice.

I am curious about your suggestion to create a custom class, do you have an example I could follow?

Here is the final code, I was using the HyperLinkColumn unsuccessfully at first. Then, I tried a TemplateColumn with your helper method and code-behind:
     <asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="File Name">
               <asp:HyperLink ID="hyprLnk1" runat="server" Target="_self" 
               Text='<%# ConvertFileName(Eval("Name")) %>'

 Protected Function ConvertFileName(ByVal fileName As Object) As String
     Dim localFileName As String = CType(fileName, String)
          If localFileName.StartsWith("1") Then
               Return "CSTLRK"
          End If
     Return localFileName
End Function